Microsoft's latest patent document displays devices that use three screens

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Since last December, a number of patent documents related to Microsoft's Andromeda Project are outstanding. This project is a phone that can turn into a tablet and vice versa, which is believed a number of parties as Surface Phone that has long rumored.

Microsoft's new patent reveals that the US company may use three screens for the device, including a small screen embedded on a hinge. The image of the patent registration document shows two large screens on both sides of the device.

Meanwhile, in the middle, the location of the outside screen folded, there is a narrow-sized screen tasked to display information that is tailored to other screen areas. This includes virtual controls, time, messages, notifications, and calls.

According to the patent document, the information viewed on the screen in the hinge section will depend on how the user opens the device, whether in full tablet mode, tent mode, or on the screen just like opening a page in the book.

Meanwhile, rumors related to the specification of the folding device Samsung, Galaxy X, is expected to be announced in February 2019.

The device is also reported to be carrying three screens, but Samsung Galaxy X brings a number of differences from the Microsoft devices featured on the patent document.

Samsung Galaxy X is reportedly going to be supported by two 3.5 inch OLED panels on the inside of the device and a similar screen on the outside. The outer display will also be used to control the unit when the device is in smartphone mode.

Microsoft patent documents were first registered on November 9, 2016, and registered as Devices with a screen section on hinges accompanied by other screen areas. This document is registered by

Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC.


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