Netflix Android version updates user interface changes and a number of additional buttons

Netflix fast forward button
The Netflix mobile app has recently received an update that presents a number of changes for users as well as enthusiasts enjoying content on the go on a smaller screen.

The main change presented is a new player feature with a new interface as well. The new player user interface of this app is supported by a number of new buttons, as well as a larger controller tool.

The first thing a user might find when tapping the screen while watching a video is Forward and Back 10 seconds, located next to the Play / Pause button.

The presence of this button will allow users to pass content to the desired point in time. Users can also take advantage of the double-tap feature on both buttons while watching, to access the time point afterward or before.

Play / Pause buttons also come in larger sizes, with labels that allow users to select Episodes or enable Audio & Subtitle features faster. In addition, this update also presents the Next Episode button for easy access to the function.
And this update is already available on the Google Play Store.


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