Nokia 7 Plus is one of the first to receive Google Android P Beta

Nokia 7 Plus
Android P has arrived and with it the new possibilities of the operating system. So far the Betas version is only available for Google Pixel. However, if you have Nokia 7 Plus you can now install new versions of the system on your smartphone.

Google has decided for all brands that have been actively working to bring Android One and Go to market. In this way, companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus, or even Nokia, may already have a Beta version of Android P for their equipment.

This means that if you have purchased Nokia 7 Plus, you can now install a new version of the operating system on your device.

You will see in the update that it will not change much at the design level. You have a Google search bar at the bottom of your smartphone, you have a new layout in quick settings and new gestures for multitasking.

And the big change is how Android P handles your usage. The system will be able to understand which applications you use the most and how to manage the battery for it.


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