Papua New Guinea will block access to Facebook for a month

Mark Zuckerberg
Papua New Guinea will block Facebook access for a whole month. Local media reported the blocking was done to study the impact of social media on the surrounding community.

Papua New Guinea Communications Minister Sam Basil said the full month is expected to be used to identify fake accounts on Facebook.

"Blocking time allows us to identify fake accounts, users who upload pornographic content, users who upload fake content on Facebook They will be filtered and their accounts deleted," Basil said.

He said the deletion of fake accounts would allow users with a genuine identity to use social media responsibly.

Media ABC reports, this controversial decision is just one of the ideas considered for cleaning up social media. Although only a consideration, this has raised questions related to censorship from the government.

To the media, Basil said, the government has tried to synergize with the legislator about the possibility of new social media developed specifically for citizens of Papua New Guinea.


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