Sales of Galaxy S9 reached a million units in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung unveils its latest flagship mobile phone sales figures in South Korea. In the cage, the Galaxy S9 has sold as many as a million units.

Galaxy S9 takes nearly two months to sell that much, precisely since it was launched in March. The selling rate is slightly slower than the Galaxy S8.

In comparison, Galaxy S8 takes 37 days to sell the same amount. Then in 2011, Galaxy S2 takes 40 days to reach the sales figures of a million units.

Although somewhat slow, Samsung remains optimistic on the latest flagship phone, and hope this phone will remain popular for a long time and they can overtake the sale of Galaxy S8.

And the good side for Samsung, although sales Galaxy S9 a bit slow, does not mean sales of products in total decline. Many consumers who prefer middle-to-end devices such as Galaxy A8 (2018), which became one of Samsung's most salable phones.


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