Samsung employees appear to be using a Gear device that uses Wear OS

Wear OS by Google
Circulating rumors related to Samsung Gear S4, one of them at the beginning of last month who called it carrying the code Galileo and will be present in two versions of smartwatches with different sizes.

Samsung Gears S4 LTE version is rumored to be marketed in the United States by mobile operators Verizon, T-Mobile and AT & T. While newer rumors mention that this smartwatch will carry the name of the Galaxy and use the operating system Wear OS.

Wear OS is an operating system for wearable devices formerly known as Android Wear. The rumor has the support of a tweet uploaded by a famous information leak account, Evan Blass.

In the upload, Blass called Samsung employees seem to use Gear devices that use Wear OS and not Tizen OS. This smartwatch is expected to be announced in the second half of this year in 2018.

Samsung is not expected to change its mind and will continue to offer Gear branded watches that use Tizen, but will offer a new line of Galaxy devices that use the Wear OS operating system.

However, if a Blass upload is a clue, then Samsung is expected to retain the Gear name and simply replace Tizen OS with Wear OS. If this is true, then Samsung again tried his luck in the realm of smartwatch Android.

In 2013, Samsung introduced Galaxy Gear smartwatches that use the Android operating system. Two years later, Samsung Gear S2 was released with the operating system Tizen OS.


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