Schools in China use sophisticated cameras to supervise their students

Middle school in China
A middle school in China uses a camera with artificial intelligence that is able to recognize faces to watch over its students in the classroom.
Hangzhou No.11 Middle School has just installed a 'smart classroom attitude management system' to see students' expressions and movements, then analyzed using big data to ensure they pay their full attention to the classroom.
"This system only collects students' facial expressions and information about their attitudes," said Vice Principal, Zhang Guanqun.
This system will be able to recognize students' activities in the classroom. For example, if the student is reading or hearing or even sleeping on his desk. This system can also detect facial expressions such as happy, sad, scared, and confused.
The student's attention level can be known in real-time by the teacher. This attention level will appear on the screen in the form of a value.
"This can improve the interaction between teachers and students," added Guanqun.
The use of this system itself caused controversy. One Chinese netizen left a comment in Chinese social media, Weibo, stating that the students were just children not the target of the dictator.

China is one of the countries that conduct very strict supervision of its citizens to prevent criminal acts. However, the public is concerned that this excessive scrutiny will turn China into a surveillance state.


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