Uber will build a flying taxi lab to be operated for the first time in the city of Paris

flying taxi
After releasing its business in Southeast Asia, Uber is now ambitious to try his luck in another land by developing an ambitious project, namely flying taxis.

In fact, online transportation company from the United States of America is known to be prepared to build a development center, research, and taxi technology flying in Paris.

The flying taxi center that belongs to the project named "Uber Elevate Project" is claimed to be the center of the first development activity built outside the United States.

Uber revealed the company will spend as much as the US $ 23.4 million for the development of the center.

Later, the center will focus on developing technologies that provide flying taxis, such as artificial intelligence-based algorithms to support air traffic control systems.

In the construction of this center, Uber will also work with the École Polytechnique, a French engineering school located south of Paris.

Aside from the above development, Uber will further create a number of new technologies for flying cabs, such as the fly engine-based fly engine model, and will regulate air traffic regulations with some regulators such as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Building the future of our city certainly requires the best mind to be able to develop this flying taxi, "said CEO Uber Dara Khosrowshahi.

"With the best world-class engineers who are also reliable in the aviation world, France is one of the best places for us to develop the Uber Elevate initiative," he continued.


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