Woman from the United States was arrested for sending thousands of messages

Woman with her smartphone
There is only one woman from Arizona, United States (US) this one. Due to his infatuation with a man he knows, he stalks and terrorizes the man with 65,000 text messages.

As a result, this woman named Jacqueline Ades was arrested by police from Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA last week. Ades was named a suspect for allegedly surveillance and harassment of the man he met in cyberspace.

According to court files, this 31-year-old woman often visits the man's home and office. Not only that, he also flooded the man with a threat message.

This observation was done from the end of last summer, shortly after he met the man through the dating site. From that meeting, Ades claimed to have fallen in love with the man.
"I feel like I've met my soul mate and I think we'll do what everybody else does, get married, and everything will be all right," he said.

Because of her love affair with the man, Ades has even sent a total of 65,000 text messages. In a day he even sends at most 500 text messages. "I love him," he said when asked why he did it.

Jacqueline Ades
Until one night Ades went to the man's house. Disturbed, the man drives Ades out of his house. From the incident, Ades felt hurt and started sending threatening messages, including death threats.

Paradise Valley police arrested Ades on April 8 at his residence. In the ambush, police found a large meat knife in the back seat of his car.


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