YouTube is testing Incognito Mode feature for Android devices

Youtube Incognito
YouTube is testing Incognito mode for Android version apps. YouTube is not the first service aware that users sometimes want to keep their brows a secret.

Some other services that have provided Incognito Mode include Google Chrome, ChromeCast, and SwiftKey.

Currently, all your activities on the internet are monitored. Each click is taken care of and every video you watch will be included in the list of videos you've watched so YouTube can make recommendations according to the videos you love.

Indeed, you can already enter the Settings menu and disable any search or video tracks you watch. However, the feature is difficult to access so not everyone can use it. Fortunately, Incognito Mode is much easier to use.

To access Incognito Mode, you can simply tap your avatar in the top right of your YouTube app. You will see the "Turn on Incognito" option in the section that options "Switch account" and "Sign out".

Incognito Mode

When you activate this mode, your avatar will turn into an Incognito spy icon. All activities you do will not be recorded. In addition, all channels you follow will also become invisible.

If you have not been able to use Incognito Mode on Android devices now, do not worry. Apparently, YouTube tested the Incognito Mode feature to multiple users at random before they implemented this change for all users.


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