YouTube Music is increasingly competitive with Spotify and Apple Music

YouTube Music
YouTube is increasingly providing new improvements to its streaming music service in order to compete with names like Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, officially relaunched its music streaming service, YouTube Music, after first appearing in November 2015. The rebirth of the service said to be rival Spotify and Apple Music will displace the existence of Google Play Music.

Google also plans to complete the transition between the two services in the next month. This is done so that members of Google Play Music do not lose the features they have created according to its preference.

"In general, YouTube is the most widely used platform for listening to music. If there is a company that is able to build a successful subscription business, it will be YouTube," said Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music YouTube.

Although Cohen said so, YouTube actually has a track record that is not flashy in terms of music service subscription in the past. In 2014, they launched YouTube Music Key, which only lasted a year before it was overhauled and renamed YouTube Music.

They never reveal how many people subscribe to YouTube Music. Unlike Spotify, which currently has 75 million paid users, and Apple Music with 40 million subscribers.

Now, YouTube is trying to start competing seriously in the music streaming industry, while still fixing subscription rates at $ 10 per month. The latest YouTube Music app will be launched first in the United States, South Korea, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.


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