YouTube provides the latest features by reminding its users not to watch for long periods of rest

Youtube mobile
Watching video content is one of the favorite activities of smartphone users, including one on YouTube. In order for users not to drag on watch, YouTube has a solution.

The solution in question is to release a reminder feature. The purpose of YouTube's purpose of releasing this feature is to remind users not to watch content there for long.

Because as is known, streaming video content as presented on YouTube is very much spent quota. YouTube's own role here is like a parent in ancient times who reminded his son not to drag on watching television.
YouTube reminder
Meanwhile, the features submitted in the event Google I / O will be part of the update on Android P, but will also be presented in some Google applications.

After this feature will be circulated, if you want to activate then simply go to menu Settings> General> Remind Me. There you can choose the frequency of reminders, starting from never, every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, until the longest three hours (180 minutes).
However, if you have not seen this feature do not panic. Because Google plans to release this feature in stages. So, be patient to wait for this latest feature released.


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