3 ways to open a locked app on Android by forgetting your password

Locked Phone
For important applications such as BBM, SMS, Photos, Video, Android smartphone users usually use additional applications in the form of locking applications in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of data from people who are less responsible.

But what happens if you forget your password, pin or pattern of app locking. Do not worry because the following reviews will give you tips on How to Open a Locked App on Android

The purpose of this article's discussion is to help you in the trouble of unlocking applications due to forgetting keywords, pins, and patterns instead of trying to help certain people to see and know the confidentiality of your smartphone. Therefore be careful when lending your smartphone to others.

An easy way to unlock apps that are locked on Android

1. The first step, select and open the app you want to access but locked. But make sure that the app is locked using an additional lock (not a factory default lock app) for example from Google Play Store.

2. Then go to the Settings menu, then open the list of applications already installed on the phone. After that, find the locking app used to lock the app. To make it easy for you to know usually locking applications have the name Lock, Locker and others.

3. Next, choose the application of the lock, open the application settings and select Clear Data or Clear Cache. Then will pop up that will mention all data will be erased then select OK.

After removing the application's lock apps automatically the applications previously locked by the application are now accessible and can be run without any locks unless there is still a locking setting from the default app locker or the phone manufacturer.

Hopefully, an article on how to open an application that is locked in Android due to forgot password can help you.


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