6 features of Google Maps that you may not know and can use

Google Maps
Google Maps is a mainstay of digital community navigation. So no wonder if this application is closely used in everyday life. However, there may be some features that you do not know yet.

There are 7 recommended features or functional recommendations from Google that you can take advantage of:

1. Create and share a list of your favorite places

Store all your favorite restaurants, bars, boutiques and places in different locations, using the latest 'list' feature. And with this they will be able to find directions to where you suggest easily.


2. Get bus transit bus information in real-time

Planning your trip becomes easier because you know exactly when your bus will arrive when checking the route to go.

3. Get real-time information about crowded places on Search & Maps

Google knows that not everyone likes crowds. So you can see on Google Maps to find out the most crowded hours to avoid crowding during peak hours. This is useful when for example, you want to know when your favorite restaurant is not crowded so you do not have long line up.  

popular time google maps

4. Offline search availability

For those of you who travel a lot, on Google Maps we can save maps and access them offline. Fun again, we can also search various places offline from restaurant to bar. So no need to worry about extravagant internet.

5. Indoor map

With this feature, especially if the confusion of looking for a way in a spacious room like a mall.

And if you are confused in that place you can really take advantage of this feature because of the way of easy usage and also can be very helpful.

Indoor map

 6. List of places to eat and drink curated

Confused looking for a menu for dinner? Google Maps can help offer dining list recommendations under the 'places' tab. Find recommendations for 'cheap eats' or 'best cafes', even everyday places like. For this functionality, it is only available on Google Maps for Android.


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