Adobe is now developing AI for fake photo detection

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Artificial intelligence (AI) makes the process of editing photos and videos become very easy, but AI was also used to know the photo has been edited.

The development of AI which makes it easier to edit photos to make many parties anxious, because it will be more easily fake photographs spread in cyberspace. Fortunately now Adobe is developing solutions to handle it.

Adobe is now developing machine learning that can be used to find photos that have been edited. This technology is exhibited in the CVPR computer vision conference, which shows that the digital forensic process that is usually done by humans can now be done by the machine and the process time is much faster.

This technology is still in the development stage, and even still in the form of research paper. Although not yet available in the form of commercial products, it's still interesting to see Adobe's interest - a big name in photo editor software - on this technology.

Adobe itself does recognize the research of this technology is still in the very early stages. But in the future, Adobe wants to have a major role in developing technologies that can monitor and verify the authenticity of a digital content.


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