Before you buy, here are the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone 8 Plus complete

iPhone 8 Plus
Brand apple became a well-known brand that is made with the quality of highly sophisticated machine technology and also in the design with a very exclusive look with good features you can enjoy various advantages of maximum performance.

Apple is known for its luxury brand that is very popular in the market with a very good quality. Specifications iPhone 8 plus is quite tough, but certainly has advantages or disadvantages including the iPhone 8 Plus.

To know more clearly related to the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 8 is let us see more in the review below.

Advantages And Disadvantages iPhone 8

Excess iPhone 8 Plus

Here are the advantages of Apple iPhone 8 Plus smartphone complete:
  • There is a Finger Print sensor as an 8 plus iPhone security
  • Battery power is owned by the iPhone 8 plus is quite large if a few see several types of smartphones with the same price, which is equal to 2900 mAh and also when you are in the condition of drop there help fast charging application to increase the speed of the process of charging the iPhone 8 plus battery.
  • Internal Memory used for 256 GB.
  • Selfie Camera of Super High-Quality MP.
  • Sturdy Video Camera and Good Quality.
  • Rear Camera Equipped with 12 MP High-Quality Camera.
  • iPhone 8 plus has 8GB of RAM.
  • Apple Chipset 11 Good Performance
  • IOS Operating System used iOS Version.11
  • Glass Sapphire Touch Screen.
  • Weight x Height 6.7 inches
  • Full Body Metal Body Cover and waterproof.

The weakness of iPhone 8 Plus

  • Non Removable Batteries, that the battery installed on the iPhone 8 plus smartphone is embedded directly and you can not unpack when opening the cover back iPhone 8 plus it.

So the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 8 that we have given to you. I hope by knowing this you can choose the smartphone that suits you.


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