Amazon employees are opposed for companies to stop selling facial recognition software to government agencies

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A group of workers in the Amazon as opposed to the company to stop selling sophisticated facial recognition software to government agencies and law enforcement. It is feared, the technology is misused by certain parties.

They also sent an open letter marked busy, then sent to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. At least there are more than 100 employees, including senior engineers also rejected the steps taken by Amazon.

The contents of the letter posted to the Amazon boss, such as dismissing provide technological infrastructure to Palantir, a company that has a lot of government contracts and is involved in the detention and deportation operation of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program.

Known, the ICE program implements a policy of separating systematic asylum seekers and immigrants who do not have documents from their parents, thus placing them in the city. To that end, these Amazon employees refuse if their homemade technology is used to violate human rights.

Amazon workers also called for companies to implement transparency and accountability measures. The goal is to detail how Amazon's services are used by law enforcement agencies.


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