Apple AirPods announced will get iOS 12 with the support of hearing aids

Apple AirPods
Following Apple's annual event, AirPods announced it will get support for an accessibility feature called LiveListen on iOS 12. This feature provides great usability for someone using hearing aids by streaming the audio captured by the iPhone's microphone to the device in their ears.

As the first report from TechCrunch says that Live Listen is only compatible with third-party devices such as hearing aids or implants, so a hard-to-hear user can stream microphone audio from an iPhone directly to a wireless earbud.

Actually, Live Listen is an iOS 12 feature that can turn your iPhone into a microphone. That way, for those who have difficulty hearing or a little extra help separating the sound in harsh environments.

AirPod can be considered one of Apple's greatest inventions because it was developed by Apple and finally launched in 2014 which allows iPhone users with hearing aids to hear people in noisy environments.

People with hearing problems are great for having access to this feature without the need to purchase special hardware to get it. But please note that this feature is not intended as a replacement for hearing aids, but this feature is useful for people who need something urgent without bringing in additional hardware.


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