Apple CEO Tim Cook: tracking internet user data out of control

Tim Cook
Apple CEO, Tim Cook, believes that privacy is a fundamental right for Internet users. However, he warned that tracking user data by various parties is a big problem that users do not realize.

"I think most people are not aware of who is tracking their data, how much data is being tracked and how much detailed data is about those out there," Cook said in an interview with CNN.

Tim Cook later added that privacy is one of the keys to civil liberties that determines what it means to become a citizen of the United States.

Apple itself claims one of the technology companies that promote privacy. Cook himself once stated that his company is more concerned with privacy than profit. Previously he had warned of the dangers of using social media and other free internet services.

In the Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) last night, Apple announced a feature for the Safari browser that serves to block third-party trackers, such as tracking cookies from Facebook.

Apple also announced an update to stop fingerprinting. This allows companies to identify user devices based on data such as fonts, plug-ins, and user's computer configurations.


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