Apple is reportedly going to announce an upgraded version of ARKit, iOS 12 and the new Apple Watch

WWDC 2018
WWDC 2018 which will be held starting Monday, June 4 next, will be a place to announce Apple Digital Health initiative.

This is judged to be Apple's response that calls it responsible for reducing the level of user addiction to its devices. Digital Health will include a suite of tools that allow users to keep an eye on the amount of time spent using Apple devices.

Sources familiar with the company's plans mention that this information will be found in the Settings app on iOS 12 devices.

Apple is expected to introduce an upgraded version of ARKit to version 2.0, which provides developers better tools to create better AR applications. According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing a mode that allows users to play AR games directly using the same virtual background.

Other modes being developed allow users to place items into an area and will remain in that location. As has been mentioned several times, CEO of Apple Tm Cook is very excited at the potential of AR technology.

The latest report mentions that Apple will make small changes in iOS 12 on a number of features related to stocks, a tool for making quiet notifications, FaceTime and sharing Animoji.

According to another source familiar with Apple's plans for Apple Watch, there are two models to be introduced at WWDC this year.

The new Apple Watch remains available in the 38mm and 42mm size variants but is supported with a wider screen. The ropes of Apple Watch models available on the market today are also reportedly compatible with the latest Apple Watch.


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