Apple removes Telegram update blocking in iOS-based devices

After a few weeks got a rejection from Apple, now Telegram users can again feel the latest updates of the application in iOS-based devices.

Apple is now officially approved of the latest version of Telegram for iOS-based devices circulating and working as it should. Previously, the Cupertino origin company had limited the privacy of Telegram users to update the application service providers share the message.

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, who provided the good news for the users of the platform. He revealed it through his Twitter account.

"Thank you Apple and Tim Cook for allowing us to grant access to the latest version of Telegram to millions of users, albeit tainted with recent obstacles," Durov wrote.

A number of Twitter users who responded to the tweet was mostly throwing positive voices with thanks while giving praise to Durov. Even so, there is also a scam that offers cryptocurrency on behalf of the CEO of Telegram.

Previously, since mid-April, Apple has been blocking the Telegram application updates, globally. The blocking made a number of feature enhancements through updates from Telegram apps not working properly on the latest operating system for Apple's mobile device iOS 11.4.

It is the result of a Russian government request against Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store as well as block it so that it can not send a push notification to users in Russia.

This request was sent by the Russian government through an official letter addressed to the Tim Cook's company.


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