Apple released a new and in-depth preview of the updated version for its new digital book platform called Books

Apple Books app
Apple has featured Apple Books trailer, the iBooks replacement app that will officially launch in September at the WWDC event last week. Apple is now releasing a new and in-depth preview of the updated version of its new digital book platform.

Apple Book is the full version of iBooks, created for iPhone and iPad that adopts tab-based interface from other Apple apps. In addition, Apple Books also comes with a minimalist user interface with a primary focus on cover art.

In addition, similar to the App Store and Apple Music, this new Design Book app also has a special section for curated content, enabling editors to highlight and attract the attention of users regarding new books being added to the library.

Audiobooks also receive updates with a special tab, while the Reading Now tab lists all of the books being read or heard by users. Inside the Audiobooks tab, there is a Want To Read sub-section, listing the titles of books you want to read in the future.

Meanwhile, Complete the Series and You Might Like sections will feature books based on recent activity and user preferences.

For example, if a user has read the first Harry Potter book, the Complete the Series section will feature another title for the book series. Apple Books is expected to be available this fall and is a replacement for the iBooks app that is currently available and used by iOS device users. 


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