Apple will rebuilding Apple Maps and will stop using data from third parties

Apple Maps
Apple plans to introduce a new Apple Maps for the United States next year. To overhaul the app, Apple will use the data they collect alone, such as a report from Tech Crunch. The map app with this new data will be launched within the next few weeks in a limited scope. First, this app will be available for people who test the beta version of iOS 12.

This new data will also only be available for the San Francisco and Bay Area areas. Reportedly, the new Apple Maps will already feature the Northern California region in the fall when it is available to all iOS users.

Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue said that maps for other regions will be released slowly until next year. Cue mentioned that Apple has invested heavily to overhaul the Maps application.

With this reshuffle, Apple will also stop using mapping data from third parties, which Apple used since Apple Maps launched in 2012. Instead, Apple will use data derived from two sources, namely a van with sensors that have roamed the US for several years and also iPhone.

Apple will collect iPhone users' travel data when users open the Maps app, just like what Google does. The goal is to get information on road conditions and congestion.


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