Bill Gates said that a bot that can play together as a team and defeat a human is a great achievement

Bill Gates
One of the founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates considers that artificial intelligence (AI) that can beat humans in playing games as a big achievement. Open AI, the company that Elon Musk helped to set up, has created five AIs called OpenAI Five, which can beat the human team in the DOTA 2 multiplayer game.

Not only are these bots able to work together as a team, they can defeat humans several times. You can watch a video match between AI against humans in the link at the end of the article.

OpenAI Five trains itself by playing DOTA 2 against itself with a duration of 180 years every day.

"We run this game using more than 100 thousand CPUs and our bots learn from every game they play," says Christy Dennison, one of the engine learning engineers at OpenAI.

However, these five bots are not immediately able to work well together. "In the beginning, the five bots played selfishly, but adjustments can be made to care for their peers so they can learn to play as a team," Dennison said.

According to Gates, AI's ability to work as a team is a big achievement in AI development.

In the OpenAI video, a "Dota expert" named William "Blitz" Lee commented on how to play OpenAI Five. He admitted to being amazed by the AI's ability to master parts of the map. Blitz itself lost when against these bots.

"It feels like every mistake I make is exploited and I feel humans cannot do that," he said.

Now, the bots of OpenAI will be pitted against the professional players to see if they too will win. The DOTA 2 Competition, The International will be held in August. At the end of July, OpenAI Five will fight the best professional Dota 2 players in the world.

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