BlackBerry joined the OmniAir consortium to support the development of a connected vehicle system

BlackBerry announced it has joined the OmniAir consortium as an executive member. This step is to help advance the testing, certification, and deployment of connected vehicle technologies, as well as intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

"The car needs to talk to other cars and the surrounding environment with the same language and protocol to ensure that communication is trustworthy," said Vice President and General Manager of BlackBerry Certicom Jim Alfred.

BlackBerry calls for support for the development of this connected vehicle, V2X communications support system called Security Credential Management System (SCMS) must be well designed, to prevent hacking and altering V2X messages in transit from certified devices.

V2X connectivity provides information to enable safer driving so as to help prevent accidents, reduce congestion and reduce emissions through optimized mobility and improve traffic coordination.

The success of V2X technology depends on cybersecurity and verification of any messages sent or received between vehicles and other equipment, such as traffic lights or street signs.

BlackBerry SCMS system is claimed to be able to secure communication in two ways, namely digital signatures and certificates.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry also supports the development of testing and certification programs conducted by the OmniAir consortium as a member.

All members of the consortium work together to promote the deployment of connected vehicle technologies, as well as address technical challenges and support independent third party testing and certification.

Implementation of this concept enables efficient security for connected vehicles and ITS in the future.


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