Brian Krzanich, who served as CEO of Intel since 2013 declared his resignation after his personal case known to Intel

Brian Krzanich
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich declared withdrawal from his position as well as from Intel's board of directors.

The temporary CEO of Intel will be filled by CFO Bob Swan. However, Intel did not explain the reason for Krzanich's complete resignation from the company.

Informers at Intel who leaked information to CNBC said that Krzanich was actually forced to retreat by the company processor for violating the company's code of ethics that applies to employees as well as managers at Intel.

Reportedly, Intel knows that in the past when Krzanich fill a managerial position had a relationship with employees. This is called a violation of the company's code of ethics.

Krzanich is an important figure for Intel since he joined in 1982 as a process engineer, before finally rising to COO in 2012 and CEO in 2013. He serves to expand the portfolio of Intel products ranging from FPGA, IoT, Mobile, Wireless, Autonomous Vehicle, Networking, 3D Xpoint Memory, and more.

Under the leadership of Krzanich, Intel also brings Intel's vision of PC-centric business to data-centric business, as well as expanding the range of Intel products and services to various aspects, including the world of e-sports. Since becoming CEO in 2013, his average corporate earnings increased 120 percent.

Unfortunately, Krzanich did not succeed in reaching Intel's target last year to release a 10nm fabrication-based processor product as well as being exposed to security vulnerabilities in its product vulnerable to Meltdown and Specters malware.

The case is reaping controversy. Known Krzanich eventually sells shares in Intel and is judged by some as an opportunistic step. The impact of Krzanich's pullback is Intel's shares fell 1.8 percent today.


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