Do not let it break, know the cause of frequent xiaomi camera problems

Camera Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Not unexpectedly, it has been 2 years Xiaomi triumphed in the global smartphone market. Although much in demand of the community, can not be denied that the problem often hit this smartphone, one of which is a problem Xiaomi camera.

Xiaomi mobile phone has a feature that the present day sought young people. For example, Xiaomi camera that carries dual cameras on the latest output is Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. Unfortunately, still who complained about Xiaomi camera problem. You must know the cause of the damage in order to handle it quickly and accurately.

Some of the Xiaomi camera problems that often happen like, it says "Can not Connect to Camera", can not be opened Xiaomi camera, suddenly the camera becomes black on its appearance, and the camera suddenly came out alone when wanting to take pictures. Here are some of the causes of the Xiaomi camera problem you need to know:

1. Substitution of Xiaomi Fileware or ROM

The cause of the next Xiaomi camera problem is the change of ROM in order to update the latest features. The inappropriate turn of ROM becomes an unusable camera constraint.

To fix this, you can reboot Xiaomi with built-in ROM or ROM Global Stable in order to open the camera again with good shots.

2. Memory capacity is full

The cause of the second Xiaomi camera problem is that the data memory is overloaded due to the huge amount of storage and unnecessary files in it. This will automatically become a constraint on your camera because the existing capacity has exceeded the limit.

To fix this, you can reduce or remove unnecessary files. How to reduce and dispose of data is to go to Settings menu, then click the installed application, then click camera application to enter application info, then you can choose clear data after restart Xiaomi phone.

3. Hardware on camera

The cause of the third Xiaomi camera problem is a problematic camera device. You have to unload the Xiaomi smartphone to find out the damage to the device. If the device has been uncovered, you can press the camera slowly in the state of the mobile phone off.

4. Use another app

If the camera contained in the Xiaomi phone feature cannot open try using another camera application. This has become one of the other alternative ways to overcome the problem of Xiaomi camera cannot be used. Try by downloading other camera applications after that try to take pictures, maybe this way the camera on Xiaomi feature can return clear.

5. If the Xiaomi camera is not connected app

If the camera can not access the phone you can go to the Security App menu and then select Permission then Manage App Permission, then select Permission Tab, then select Use Camera then search and select the camera application that cannot open and select Allow.

These are some of the things that can cause Xiaomi camera problems. In order to avoid damage, you can treat the camera by:

  • Move old files contained in Xiaomi's mobile memory to update the latest moment in camera shots.
  • Install internal memory to save photos or videos safely.
  • Do not clean the camera with your fingers, try to clean your camera with a microfiber or cotton cloth.
  • Use the soft case to avoid scratches or impact on the camera.
  • Clean the dust from the camera by wiping the camera with the microfiber cloth or cotton slowly.
  • Do not put Xiaomi's handphone on a sharp object in the state of the camera touching the angle or sharp object.
  • Use a protector such as Camera Screen Protector to avoid the occurrence of collisions or scratches that can physically damage the camera directly.


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