CEO of Cambridge Analytica has taken company money before the company declared bankruptcy

Alexander Nix
Former Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix is accused of taking the US $ 8 million from the company before the data consulting company declared bankruptcy.

As is known from the Financial Times report, Investors who support rebranding companies are now trying to ask Nix to return the money. However, reportedly, Nix refused to return the money he took.

Nix reportedly took the money shortly after British journalists began reporting the company's involvement in the abuse of personal data of Facebook users.

Although the scandal did not adversely affect Facebook, the scandal forced Cambridge Analytica to declare bankruptcy in early May.

Nix did not respond to a request to comment. Nix denied that he took the money in a session with the British parliament. "The allegations made in the article are wrong. The facts mentioned in the article are incorrect," Nix said.

Despite having declared bankruptcy, Cambridge Analytica still has to face investigations from the FBI and its Department of Justice regarding their finances as well as corporate involvement in the scandal of Facebook users' data abuse.

The British government is also currently investigating. Nix even had to go to Parliament for the second time on Wednesday.


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