Channel Twitch Riot Games becomes the first League of Legends creator to reach 1 billion views

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Channel Twitch Riot Games, creator of the League of Legends, became the first channel to reach 1 billion views. Twitch is a streaming video platform for games used to broadcast e-sports competitions as well as casual gamers.

Riot Games Channel reaches 1 billion views in a match broadcast between OpTic Gaming and FlyQuest on Sunday, June 24th. The match was held on the second day of the second week of the 2018 North American LCS Summer Split competition.

Channel Riot Games only broadcast games from North America and Europe as well as competitions in international competitions such as Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship.

Prior to this, the Twitch Riot Games channel also aired the LCK match, South Korean e-sport team.

It is possible that the LCK match will be re-broadcast on the Twitch Riot Games channel, as Riot Korea has decided to broadcast the LCK game, which is now broadcast on the OnGameNet TV network.

The very first video on the Riot Games channel was uploaded on September 8, 2012. While the most popular video is the second part of the game between Taipei Assassins and Azubu Frost in Season Two World Championship Finals. The video was watched over 650 thousand times.

This achievement is a triumph for Riot Games, which has gained a lot of criticism in recent years.

Uploads in the League of Legends forum and Reddit internet forums question whether LOL games can last a long time. However, this achievement shows that LOL is still quite popular among gamers.


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