Code Vein released 28 september by Bandai Namco with an anime-style look

Bandai Namco officially announces Code Vein will slide on September 28, 2018. The game that is worked by the same team with God Eater is promising a repetition in a dark world.

As is well known, Code Vein carries a dark world setting filled with monsters and vampire figures that have supernatural powers. By many, the game with a third person perspective is called inspired by the Dark Souls series that successfully presents the concept of a dark and terrifying world adventure.

The protagonist in this game is also described as a vampire who must be adventurous while still fulfilling his thirst for blood.

Through an anime-style look, Code Vein presents an action-RPG gameplay in which characters are also driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to accompany the main character's adventures

Although it does not provide detailed information about the gameplay features in it, the information circulated that Code Vein supports multiplayer features, which each player can help each other in every separate adventure.

Code Vein will be released simultaneously on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Bandai Namco currently has pre-orders that are present in the collector edition package of an art book, original soundtrack CD, digital content package, and figurine one of the characters in the game Code Vein namely Mia Karnstein with size 17cm. 


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