Corsair showcased two new Crystal series PC case with RGB LED display at Computex 2018

Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB
Corsair features a new PC case in the technology arena. No exception Computex 2018 held in Taiwan since June 5 yesterday.

This time, Corsair showcased two new PC casings from the Crystal Series Crystal Series 280X RGB and Crystal Series 280X. Both are intended for enthusiasts with tempered glass designs that are present in two variants of form factor size. One thing that distinguishes both, one of the PC casing is equipped with RGB LED feature from Corsair.

Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB comes with a tempered glass panel on the front, side, and top, with the aim to make the components in it look more attractive.

This casing comes with two LL120 RGB fans. Each fan has 16 LED RGB and is intended for use of motherboard type microATX and mini ITX.

Corsair also buried Corsair Lighting Node PRO technology as an RGB LED lighting controller installed in the casing. Corsair also added iCUE software so users can customize or create their own patterns of RGB LED light inside.

However, that does not mean the display becomes the only selling point of the casing. Corsair also set up other features in it to support the PC system installed. This casing is designed with a dual chamber model so that the core components of the PC still has a spacious room and can contain six cooling fans including liquid cooling with a radiator measuring 240mm.

One space of this casing is used as a space for attached component cables. That way, beginner PC assemblers can also make the inside of their PC casings look neat.

Dual chamber of this casing also provides a feature of space for the installation of two storage devices measuring 3.5 inches and three pieces with a size of 2.5 inches. Crystal Series 280X RGB priced 158 US $ while Crystal Series 280X at the price of 108 US $.


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