5 predictions of sophistication of smartphones in the future that you need to know

smartphones in the future
Today, the competition in the gadget world is getting tighter. The producers are competing to deliver smartphones at affordable prices with attractive features. This is certainly different from one or two decades ago, where mobile phone manufacturers are controlled by the names of giants that's all.

Consumers certainly benefit from smartphones like this because it has many options that can adjust the ability of the price. Imagine, at an affordable price though, we can have smartphones with technology that was not even imagined before in the era of two decades ago. So, how the development of mobile technology in the future? It's predictions!

1. Eye tracking

Eye Tracking

Sensory eye tracking technology may not be a new item, because we can already find it on some hi-end laptop devices like Acer Predator 21 X or Dell Alienware. As the name implies, this technology is used to predict the movement of the human eyeball.  

That is, we can move the navigation screen or switch the menu on the phone just by moving the eyeballs alone without the need to touch the hand again.  

This technology has begun to be developed in some smartphone products, but its performance may not be too very good.

2. Projection of hologram

Like a scene in a fictional movie, it is estimated that holographic projection technology will be used also on smartphones in the future. Imagine we are projecting whatever is on the phone as if it became something real in sight.

3. Voice recognition


This technology is also not a new item, but it is believed will be more sophisticated again in the future. Perhaps, we will be able to control the phone completely only through voice commands.

4. Pop up play

Although currently there are many smartphones that can do multitasking in operation, the feature of pop up play is also likely going increasingly sophisticated in the future.  

Users no longer need to close one menu first to open another menu. The screen of the phone can also be turned into sections that display what is being opened simultaneously on the phone screen.

5. Camera burst

Camera burst usually we find on photography device kind of DSLR or mirrorless camera. But now, many mobile phone manufacturers are also starting to apply to their products to provide a different phone photography experience.  

This technology allows users to take a picture object without any limit on the number in one shot only. We look forward to it, will be sophisticated what this technology will be in the future.  


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