Disney managed to develop a humanoid robot that can perform dangerous acrobatic attractions

Robot Stuntman
Robot race to have the ability to move like a human continues to be done. One of them some time ago Boston Dynamics developed a robot that can make a leap back or backflip.

Now Disney creates autonomous robots with acrobatic abilities like Disney animated characters throughout the movie they've worked on. This robot is named Stuntronics project with the call Stickman as quoted from Tech Crunch.

Stuntronics is a Disney robot development project that aims to create a stuntman to perform acrobatic attractions ala Disney animated characters on every pavilion or Disney rides. That is, they can perform various dangerous acrobatic attractions that have been done by humans.

Principal R & D Imagineer Tony Dohi says that want a robot figure that displays simple attractions that are actually static. He wants these robots to live and really describe the action of Disney characters as in the movie.

These robots are given the ability as a stuntman to perform more aggressive and dangerous acrobatics, so Disney does not need to panic while hiring their actor in a dangerous scene.

Surely all these abilities are first present from a variety of sensors possessed by robots, ranging from gyroscopes, accelerometers, and laser range finding to distance reading so that Stuntronics robots can perform accurate calculations while performing acrobatics.

The humanoid design of the robot is also made as closely as possible with humans, so the generally stiff robotic body movements can be flexible or spin like human gestures in some acrobatic scenes.

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