Epson controls the Southeast Asian projector market

Futuresource Consulting research firm released the results of market observations of projector products in the world. Epson for 17 consecutive years managed to dominate the projector market on a global scale.

Futuresource Consulting has found that Epson's worldwide market share for projectors continues to increase consistently.

In Southeast Asia, Epson continues to maintain market leadership with market share numbers rising to 36 percent in 2017 that was previously only 34 percent in 2016. While Epson's global market share increased to 36.4 percent in 2017 from 35.5 percent in 2016.

For the home projector segment, Epson also has the largest market share in the world with 42.2 percent for 2017 from 39.1 percent in 2016. In other segments of the projector with a brightness level of 500 lumens and more Epson pocketed 32 percent market share in 2017 from a year earlier that only amounted to 25 percent.

The Epson side recognizes that its dominance in the Southeast Asian market itself is strengthened by the launch of new EB-S / X / W / U series EB-S / X / W / U projectors, the EB-900, and EB-2000 series, as well as the launch of its first 15,000 laser projector lumens high brightness, EB-L1755U and home cinema projector EB-TW5650.

"Last year, we continue to deepen our strength in the corporate and educational sector with projectors that can compete with flat panel displays, as well as with high-brightness projectors," explains Epson Indonesia Director Shimizu Tomoya.

He also said that the core of the Epson projector is its proprietary 3LCD technology, allowing the Epson projector to present the most vivid and tangible images with color brightness up to 3 times higher than the 1-chip DLP projector on the market.


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