Facebook is testing the Snooze feature to hide content based on certain keywords

Snooze Keywords
Facebook announced that it is testing the Snooze feature, which allows users to hide uploads that contain certain keywords from their lifetime. Today, the feature is tested on a small percentage of users. To hide all content that someone uploaded for 30 days has been available since last December.

However, this new Snooze method allows you to hide content with certain keywords for 30 days, no matter who uploads the content.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently provide a way for users to enter keywords to block content. To specify a keyword for the Snooze feature, you must find a post that contains the keywords you want to hide.

A Facebook spokesperson said that they are considering other methods of selecting Snooze keywords, such as creating a list of frequently appearing keywords or the Snooze option in News Feed Preferences.

Unfortunately, the Snooze feature only works for content that contains text and it does not work for ads.


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