Facebook launched the Memories feature as a place to show past uploads on the platform

Facebook logo
Facebook unveiled a new feature called Memories, which is available for Android and iOS users. This feature will allow users to explore all the precious moments that have been shared with family and associates.

Users can find all uploads, whether in the form of photos or text uploads, events created by users and associates, in a section called Memories.

According to Facebook, the company feels the need to add features such as Memories as more than 90 million users use On This Day feature.
Facebook Memories

The feature is used up to remind users of the moments that have been shared on the platform of one of the world's largest social networking. On the Memories page, users can find a number of sections including On This Day, Friends Made On This Day, Recaps Memories and Memories You May Have Missed.

The title is quite capable of explaining the functions of each section, but it should be noted that users can still access the memory through Memories bookmarks in the More tab in the upper right corner of the mobile version of the Facebook application.

In addition, Facebook users can access Memories via notification, via messages that users may see on the home page. This makes it easier for Facebook users to find their memory on the go. 


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