Facebook released a new tool allowing group admins to charge fees for its members

Facebook logo
Facebook announces a new tool for group page admins, enabling admins to charge members for their community. This new set of tools will be available for a small number of group admins and is considered capable of helping them earn revenue.

The new feature has been added due to the request of many group admins looking for ways to earn money, to help increase higher engagement with group members.

Group members can now register and manage their subscriptions via the Facebook app for iOS and Android.

In a statement, Facebook mentioned that subscribed groups were created to make it easier for admins to provide experience with integrated tools, and to help save their time so they can focus on presenting content for members only.

The early stages of the new subscription group are now being tested on a small group with different partners, such as food planning and college preparation. If this first step is successful, this feature will be fixed and presented to more groups.


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