Facebook remove trending topic to free from fake news

Facebook logo
Facebook users will no longer find the topic or discussion that is becoming a trend. Starting next week, Facebook removes the Trending Topic feature.

As is known, this feature collects popular news from its social network, which aims to ensure users see news from reliable and quality sources.

This step is part of Facebook's efforts to combat the spread of fake news on its platform that is used by some circles to distribute news.

"We realize that over time people are finding less and less useful products. The way people eat news on Facebook has changed," said Alex Hardiman, head of Facebook news products.
According to Alex, the way people consume news on Facebook has turned into a mobile phone and prioritize information in the form of video. Sometimes, users are also made dizzy by reading news links whose content tends to be controversial, even inaccurate.

Mentioned Facebook, a feature released in 2014 is accounted for less than 1.5% of average clicks to news publishers. Currently, Facebook is testing the best way to display the news, and ensuring that news that is scattered on its platform comes from reliable and quality sources.

In recent years, Facebook has made a number of changes to its services to avoid an ideological or political bias.


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