Facebook shareholders upset with Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg
It turns out that not only regulators are upset with Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook shareholders also seem to have started to lose patience with the leadership of Zuckerberg.

At the annual shareholders' meeting last week, the shareholders present expressed their frustration with the long list of controversies that plagued Facebook.

One of the shareholders supported Zuckerberg's proposed restrictions of power, and asked Zuckerberg to "imitate George Washington instead of Vladimir Putin." Other shareholders likewise leak user data similar to human rights violations.

"If privacy is a human right, as expressed by Microsoft CEO, then we agree that handling bad customer data by Facebook is the same as human rights violations," said Northstar Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Christine Jantz.

Another shareholder questioned why Facebook did not stop the negative news. "Why is the list of controversies facing up very long and serious," asks shareholder Trillium Asset Management, Will Lana.

However, the insistent criticism of shareholders does not seem to have any effect. In the end, the board of directors of Facebook rejected the proposal that urged Facebook to be more transparent, increased oversight, and increased shareholder control.

Facebook shareholders have finally asked Zuckerberg to be involved in handling crucial issues. "You are not talking to your investors about these issues, involving us on these issues, we are on one team," said one shareholder.


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