Facebook is reportedly letting some companies keep their friends' networks accessible

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Facebook stops allowing third-party companies to access user friendship data by 2015. At least, that's how Facebook claims in March when they get a hard criticism for allowing third parties to access the network of friendship users.

However, Facebook made special arrangements with several companies to let them gain access to Facebook friends.

Facebook confirmed that they did allow some companies to access users' network of friends in no time.

"In 2014, all developers were given one year to start using newer and more restrictive APIs, with some developers including Nissan and Royal Bank of Canada requiring a short renewal and extension to expire several years ago," said Vice President of Product Partnerships, Facebook, Ime Archibong.

The report leaves many people questioning Facebook claims that they have made changes to network users' friendship data no longer accessible, as did a researcher at the University of Cambridge to collect data from 87 million Facebook users.

The data obtained by the researcher, Aleksandr Kogan has then given to the political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook gained public attention, especially after the New York Times reported that Facebook shared their user data with mobile device makers, including Huawei, a Chinese company considered a threat by US intelligence agencies.

Archibong insists that Facebook is no longer offering this special offer. He also said, in addition to renewal time for some companies, Facebook no longer makes new agreements with other companies to let them access their friends.


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