Fortnite games managed to achieve a profit figure of about $ 100 million from Apple users

Game battle royale made by Epic Games, Fortnite, managed to reach a profit figure of about US $ 100 million.

This achievement was obtained within three months of its release on the iOS platform. It is reported by an application analysis platform that is Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower reported that the game earned a profit of US $ 50 million in May before reaching a profit figure of US $ 100 million a month later.

This achievement makes Fortnite the third most successful mobile game after the Clash Royale and Pokemon Go games. Then, from where Epic Games can get its finances?

Fortnite is a free-to-play game. But gamers can purchase cash in-game using VBucks, which can be used to buy cosmetics, costumes, and 'battle pass'.

VBucks itself is obtained through the conversion of the original currency. This purchase is used as a source of profit for Epic Games.

Sensor Tower noted that Fortnite's strongest competitor, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) did not go into the rankings for two reasons.

First, PUBG only makes money for 60 days. Secondly, PUBG has not reached the profit figure of up to the US $ 100 million.


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