Google announces updates on security settings and confidentiality

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Google announces updates on security settings and confidentiality, aimed at providing better security to Google Accounts. Google called this update also intended to bring easier navigation for users.

"Data privacy and security has become an important topic worldwide, it is also evidenced by more than 20 million visits Google Accounts every day to ensure the security of their data, of course with different needs and problems," said Head of Communication Google Indonesia Jason Tedjasukmana.

Through this update on Google Accounts, Google offers a number of new features that are claimed to facilitate the navigation of its users. This update also offers better security and privacy settings, as well as a history of more detailed activity.

Activity history displayed in more detail from personal data, devices, payment methods, purchases, subscriptions, reservations, and boxes.

The update also features a search feature in Google Accounts, making it easier for users to find desired searches more easily, or visit the help center and find answers from community experts.

Google Accounts also claimed that Google now allows users to find the Activity control settings and the Data & Personalization tab, so users can choose what type of data activity is stored in the Google Account.

This update is capable of displaying notifications when it detects suspicious activity, including deleting account data on old devices or removing suspicious applications with Google Account user data access.

This update is already available for use by the latest version of Google Account users on Android-powered devices. Google said it will soon bring an update for Google Accounts on iOS and Google Account version of the site version of this year.


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