Google displays a new icon for multiple color fingerprints on Android P Developer Preview

fingerprint scanner
In the latest version of the Android P version of Developer Preview, Google displays colorful fingerprint images when adding information related to new fingerprints on biometric scanner sensors in the user's smartphone.

Grayscale images with blue circles around them are replaced with fingerprint images in different colors, more precisely Google's distinctive color. However, the blue circle in the previous image can also be found in this new image.

The idea of the images is that Android users can protect their personal information by using biometric scanners.

Images of black and white fingerprints are deemed less able to attract the attention of users to take advantage of features when compared to colored ones.

New fingerprint images with different colors can be found on devices on Pixel lines that use Android P Developer Preview beta 2.

Meanwhile, the version in gray with a blue circle represents the fingerprint scanning process on other operating devices.

Animations related to colored fingerprint images circulating on the internet indicate Google's efforts in perfecting the image-related idea that only the user can see in just a few seconds.

Efforts on the matter that is considered trivial also indicate the seriousness of Google is working on its newest mobile operating system, Android P.

The Android P operating system is expected to be accepted by Android device users and available on the latest devices at least next year.


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