Google Home is now getting smarter and can do 3 commands at once

Google Home
Google has enhanced the multitasking capabilities of Google Home to help users complete more things in a shorter time. Google has confirmed that its smart speaker device is now capable of up to three commands at once.

Previously, in December, the new Google Home could handle up to two questions at the same time. With this new capability, users can provide commands through Google Asistant that is already integrated with Google Home to accomplish more things in one sentence.

For example, users can rule 'Hi Google, show weather forecasts, install alarms, and play music on Spotify'. Google Assitant will also perform all these tasks.

The tasks assigned in chains will be executed one by one in order. So far, the capability has just been launched for Google Home users in the United States.

Google has not yet announced the availability of this functionality for users outside of the United States. But clearly, Google will release it gradually until later available to all users.


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