Google invested $ 22 million to develop KaiOS for feature phone

Google reportedly started investing in KaiOS. No half-hearted, Google's investment value for the operating system used on the feature phone that reached the US $ 22 million. KaiOS is an OS affiliated with OS Mozilla Firefox.

If Google leads a smartphone OS with its Android, KaiOS has begun to grow into the OS of choice for feature phones, especially in a number of developing countries.

KaiOS started last year as a mobile OS version of Firefox OS. KaiOS is used in some Nokia phone features, such as the Nokia 8110. Some devices from TCL and Micromax are also supported by KaiOS.

Some people think Google's investment in KaiOS is weird, considering Google has Android that dominates the world's smartphones. Moreover, Google also developed Android Go.

Even so, KaiOS CEO Sebastien Codeville said, Google and KaiOS have agreed to work together to create some new features for KaiOS users.

"Google and KaiOS have agreed to make Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Search available to KaiOS users," Codeville said.

KaiOS is a web-based OS designed for developers to use the HTML5, Javascript, and CSS programming languages for their applications.


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