Google announced it will soon release fixes for issues on Pixel 2 XL

Pixel 2 XL
Last week, Google Pixel 2 XL owners complained after installing Android OTA Android Security update. Their device takes two to three seconds longer to get active.

At that time, a Google employee in the Issue Tracker division claimed to be conducting an investigation related to the issue, indicating hope for users of Pixel 2 XL who experienced this problem.

The statement mentions that Google is aware of the issue and has set up improvements, and will be disseminated in the coming weeks.

Until such improvements are released, Google indicates that the owner of Pixel 2 XL to set Ambient Display to Always On settings.

June Android security update that complained owner Google Pixel 2 XL Google released on June 4 last. In addition to the latest security patches, this update also includes a number of functionalities that fix a number of issues such as Bluetooth LE performance, antenna turnover in areas with weak networks.

In addition, other issues that receive improvements are Wi-Fi connectivity with certain Wi-Fi access points, and consistency of the Always-On screen feature on the phone, as well as proximity sensors.


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