4 ways to strengthen GPS signal on Android phone

GPS signal
GPS features installed on the smartphone today is easier for you in performing various activities, especially those who like to travel. By using GPS, then you can easily find the way you want to go. You also certainly will not be lost again in the city or in other countries while traveling or vacation.

However, one of the problems that are often encountered in GPS is a weak signal, thus making GPS inaccurate. To overcome the inaccurate GPS signal problem, then you can try 4 ways below.

1. Install the Active GPS application

The first way you can use here is by utilizing a third party application, called Active GPS. This application itself has a very small size, which is only 277KB and you can download directly from the Google Play Store page. This app provides 3 excellent features for your GPS sensor, which is 3-speed modes, starting from slow, normal, and fast. In this way, you will not lose your way and way when using GPS on your Android smartphone.

2. Refresh GPS data

The second way you can get your GPS signal back and stable is to refresh the GPS data. With this data refresh process, then your GPS signal will return as before, which will easily search and collect more data that you have specified. 

How to refresh GPS data is easy. You simply turn off the GPS feature on your Android handphone, then switch it back on after a while. After that, consider the location and your GPS signal, would have been in accordance with your current location and destination.

3. Using high accuracy mode on GPS

Inside the GPS feature on the Android smartphone, there are features that can make it easier for you to set the accuracy mode. Setting this accuracy mode will make the GPS signal on your Android phone works optimally. To be able to make mode settings on GPS on Android phone, then please tap and hold on your GPS menu, then select the option "Mode". 

If you are already in the Mode menu, please select the "High Accuracy" option. This mode will force your GPS signal sensor to work more leverage to determine location.

4. Try to restart your smartphone

In addition, to strengthen the GPS signal, this way can also help to refresh and normalize the performance of applications and hardware from your Android phone is, in order to work more optimal again later.


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