How to change Facebook theme lite on Android phone

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Facebook for default Android phone does not include a special view or theme. However, you can still change the look or color of the Facebook app with a few steps below.

How to change the Facebook theme on Android phone with Fella app

  • The first step you should do here is to download and install an application called "Fella - Facebook Application". This app itself is available from the Google Play Store page directly by simply entering the name of the app in the search field.
  • Once the application is installed on your Android phone, please you directly open the application and do Login with your Facebook account as usual.
  • To be able to change the look or theme of the FB Lite app on your Android phone then please tap directly on the "Settings" option with the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Android phone screen. After that, please select the "Color" option and choose the color you like to be installed as a view of FB lite on your Android. If the color you've found, just tap on the "Save" button and the color was already applied to your Facebook Lite Android app.

Usefulness of the Fella app for Facebook's

This Fella app is a kind of app to open the look of Facebook Lite itself. It's just that there are enough additional features in this application, one of which is changing the theme or color display of your Facebook Lite. Some other advantages of this Fella application are as follows:

Lightweight is used for smartphones

Facebook Lite application is an alternative in using the actual Facebook application. It's just that Facebook Lite is much lighter to use on all Android phones, and also the quota can be more efficient. Well, this Fella application also has the same ability with Facebook Lite, which is lightweight, can save quota, and also can change the theme.

More features

Facebook Lite and Fella is indeed both light and quota saving, but Fella itself has some additional features that are not there on the Facebook Lite. One of these features I have described above, namely, change the color or appearance.

Safe for your personal data

Although it is not an official application from Facebook, Fella is claimed to be quite safe in reddating your personal data. So, you do not have to fear if your account was stolen.


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