How to remove a WhatsApp message that has been sent to someone else

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Have you ever sent any messages through the WhatsApp app? Maybe sending wrong or wrong typing message? Surely the first feeling that perch is panic not because you do not know how to delete the message WhatsApp already sent?

Problems like this usually happen because of the number of conversations that are being run in one application. So many times we sometimes send messages to the wrong room.

How to remove messages WhatsApp already sent to others This is a new feature that is similar to the feature on the BlackBerry Messenger called Retract Chat only different names if in WhatsApp.

But before you can enjoy this feature, you should update WhatsApp app on your smartphone to the latest version.

The latest features can be run on various platforms such as Android, iPhone, desktop, and windows phone. So do not worry if you use WhatsApp on another platform.

How to remove a WhatsApp message that has been sent to someone else

Deleting WhatsApp messages that have already been sent are valid for both private and group messages. For the step,s, you can follow the instructions below.

Personal Text Messages

1. First, open WhatsApp chat you want to delete.  
2. Next press long enough chats you mean to mark it. Then press the existing trash can icon at the top.
How to delete messages on WhatsApp

3. Then the dialog will appear as shown below, select Delete for everyone.
select Delete for everyone
4. And the result will be like this.
whatsapp message delete

How to Delete a Text Message Group WhatsApp

For the group, messages are not much different from the step of deleting messages on personal chat.

1. First, open the first chat you want to delete in the WhatsApp group. Then long press until the chats is selected. The next step is to select the trash can icon on the top.
2. After the drawing dialog appears select Delete for everyone
3. If the message has been deleted, there will be a post that the message has been deleted.
I hope an article on How to Delete a Message WhatsApp has been sent to someone else can be useful. Make sure your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version to enjoy this feature.

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