How to download files in MIUI Xiaomi forum easily

MIUI 10 Xiaomi
For you Xiaomi mobile phone users would already know with MIUI Forum, in this MIUI forum you can share knowledge about Xiaomi phone to fellow users who also use Xiaomi.

Not only that in MIUI Forum you can also download various types of files shared by MIUI users from various countries.

Starting from the theme file, wallpaper, ringtone, up to the cool room modified results you can also download for free.

However, there are still many users who are confused when they want to download the files in the forum because the download link will not appear before you give a comment.

At first, I was also confused when I wanted to download the theme that was distributed in the forum but after I read carefully the post it turns out the download link will not appear before we comment.

If you want to download the files in MIUI forums for themes, wallpapers, rooms and more you should comment first in the thread so that the download link appears.

So that you are not confused I will explain how to download files in MIUI forum until the file is successfully downloaded.

How to download in MIUI forum

You can download it through the browser or MIUI Forum application, but I would recommend using the browser as it is easier than downloading it using the app.

Here I use the default browser Xiaomi but if you want to use other browsers like Google Chrome and UC Browser or others please just because the steps are not much different.

1. First, please open MIUI Forum via the address using the browser, after which it will appear the forum view.

Next, we need to Sign in first using the Mi Account, how to select the Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen after that you will be redirected to the Sign in page.

If pop up "Login with Account Mi" select Hide. After that please Sign in using your Mi account.

2. If Sign in successful you will be directed to the next page, please select the Go to Forum button to return to MIUI forum in the login state.

Next, select the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen later will appear on some menus that you can choose.

Select Resource then select the file type you want to download there You can select Themes, Wallpaper, Ringtone, or application.

You can also use the search feature to search for a thread that contains the files you want to download. If you have met please open thread it.

Usually before the download link appears it will appear first post [username] Please reply to view this thread.

So that the link appears please you commented anything in the thread, you can comment like this is very useful for me, thank you.

3. After you give comments please reload the page, if using the default browser Xiaomi you can choose the round icon in the top right corner of the screen.

After that, the download link will appear. The download link can be an address can also be an active link. Please open the link.

4. After selecting the download link you will be directed to the site where the file is stored, in this step could be different depending on the owner thread uploaded to which site.

To pass it enter the captcha code in accordance with the captcha code that appears then select the Download button.

If you are directed to other sites just follow the instructions on the site.

Finally, pop up Save the file and select OK.

So how to download the file in MIUI forum and from now also you can free to download any file in MIUI forum.

Please note: Before you download the file make sure you have commented on the thread containing the file you want to download so that the download link appears


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